Vet Services - Hometown Veterinary Clinic - Alexandria, VA
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Veterinary Services


Physical Exam

A thorough physical exam is done from head to toe, and tapered towards each individual pet.  A thorough history is taken with each exam in order to help with diagnostics and treatment plan if needed.

New Puppy and Kitten Exam

There is a lot to learn on your initial puppy or kitten exam.  A thorough exam on the animal and education for the new owner is included with each new puppy/kitten exam.  We spend a lot of time answering your questions and teaching you about what is involved with that first year of life.  Initial vaccines (core and optional vaccines will be covered), flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, training recommendation, diet, spaying and neutering recommendations.  Please bring us your questions and concerns.  We are here to make your first pet a great experience. 

Senior Wellness Exams

As your best friend ages, we will help you understand the changes he or she is going through.  We aim to help you decide on the appropriate options for diagnostics, care, and treatment for your aging pet.  Our goal is to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible, always remembering their quality of life.

Routine Surgical Procedures

We provide most routine surgical procedures on dogs and cats.  Please call and ask us for more information. 

Dental Work

We offer a thorough dental cleaning with a high speed ultrasonic scaler and polisher; dental radiology; and extractions when needed. 


We offer, In-house, full body digital radiology, as well as digital dental radiology. Ultrasonography of the abdomen and heart is also available when an appointment is scheduled in advance.